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Laws of Creation - Universal Laws - Laws of Life

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The Laws of Creation

Basis of all earthly and cosmic events

These Laws of Creation, which can also be called cosmic, natural or divine laws, take up the focal and universal position, for no single event can take place outside them. They form, preserve, regulate and maintain the entire universe down to the minutest happening, that can only be recognized with the aid of a microscope.

In reality, they are the recognisable effects to humans of the creative Will of God. As such, they are not at all comparable to human legislation; instead they are omnipresent and self-acting forces which nothing and no one can escape. Since they issue out of perfection, they are also perfect and erected upon an absolute principle and genuine progress for the benefit of all men, animals and nature.

Therefore, there should be nothing more natural than to get to know these Laws and to adapt to their peculiarities, to align with them as opposed to acting and going against them. In the end all suffering and all illness can be avoided, for in reality, health and prosperity would be the normal state of things, which would naturally result from a life in harmony with the Laws of Creation. Sickness always happens as a corrective to make us aware of wrong attitudes, which call for a change.

But since only few people want to know or even get to know the three, or in the wider sense five Laws of Nature, no one should be astonished that suffering, hardship and chaos are on the rise, since the knowledge and readiness to harmonise with the natural order of things are lacking.

In contrast to human laws, the cosmic laws cannot be circumvented or cheated! They record to the minute detail, exactly our real intentions and manifest accordingly, regardless of whether these intentions led to concrete actions or not. That is why the purification and clarification of our entire inner life and thoughts is far more important than we most commonly think.

Another important aspect of these laws is the freedom that we wish to ourselves. Does freedom mean being able to do and abstain from doing what we want? Does it mean, we are not answerable to anyone, and are not accountable for our misdeeds? Of course not, for freedom is for all, and must not be attained at the expense of others. This in turn, requires the justice that must be part of a perfect natural order.

Here too, the Laws of Creation, to which we are subject every second of our lives, act as guardians of this universal justice. Real freedom means therefore that through wise ordinance, we make use of their prospects for our own benefit and others.

The five cosmic laws are introduced in their basic features as follows.

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