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About me

My name is Paul Schmitt, I am a full-time clarinettist in a philharmonic orchestra in Germany and I also hold a small music publishing company.

Even as a child I could not accept that the most important questions about our origins and existence were supposed to be unanswerable. Restlessly, also accompanied by crises of sense, I sought to find out how the order of the world was formed, whether the cosmos came into being by "chance" or whether it was created by a higher Might and kept alive by it. Closely related to this was, of course, for me the question, of whether man as a "biochemical machine" leads a more or less senseless and irresponsible existence, or whether we all have a destiny to fulfill that follows a higher order and a meaning.

Since I am convinced of this sense of life, but on the other hand I know from my own search how difficult it is to find reliable and true knowledge about the laws that determine us all, especially today in the jumble of countless currents, I would like to transfer what I have found on my spiritual path and hopefully help some people with it. All knowledge that goes beyond the current state of knowledge of humanity is taken from the "Grail Message - In the Light of Truth", which I expressly recommend as a source of further information! Because the external events and developments strongly point out that the entire planet together with its inhabitants is currently facing a crisis, in which the knowledge about the cosmic order gives the necessary stability and is therefore spiritually necessary for survival.

Many visitors of my website will probably ask themselves what I am trying to do with it. Well, in the end this page is my personal contribution to transfer the extremely valuable knowledge I received myself. The quite considerable time and financial expenditure, which the production and spreading of these completely free contents requires, is thought therefore as a gift to all spiritually searching persons, in the hope that as many as possible are stimulated to deepen themselves seriously into the contents of this side and naturally also into the "Grail Message" already several times mentioned. It is not my intention to missionize, but to create a possibility of access, because unfortunately this opus is still far too little known in relation to its significance. Especially in the internet it is completely in the free decision to every human being to access or to renounce.

The distribution of this page

Due to an extremely high demand for information by many internet visitors about the basic questions of existence, the spiritual values internet presence in the German speakting countries is clicked on far above average. The average reading time of almost half of the visitors to this site is more than 10 minutes; a very high value for websites of this kind.

Many people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have already heard about this site and it is registering a growing number of visitors - in 2017 and the following years, including the site "selbsttötung.info", about 130,000 visitors came, more than 310,000 pages were accessed, which is a threefold increase compared to 2016. It is particularly pleasing that a far above-average number of visitors spend a lot of time reading the various issues.

So I decided to extend the distribution area of my website to the English speaking countries.

Would you like to help this website reach even more people?

The spiritual contents listed here can not easily be found in the boundless internet, because the basics are not generally known. The knowledge about the connections between man and creation can give stability, orientation and perspective, just what is missing today and what countless people painfully search for!

I run this site altruistically with higher financial and labour costs, which of course will reach its limits. At the moment (2018) I reach about 14,000 people per month, of which about 12,000 have to come via paid advertisements, because otherwise they would not be able to find this website. With that my limit is reached. Each further development must be supported from the outside with.

If you consider the contents of this site to be valuable, I would be very happy if you could support them so that their radius can become even larger. Your donation flows to 100% into the advertisement circuit, so that new readers can be reached. Each smaller and larger amount, which you can donate here over Paypal, is very welcome. Thank you very much!

Of course each linking of social networks is also helpful. Many thanks for your assistance!

Paul Schmitt

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