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1. Law of Reciprocal Action

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1. Law of Reciprocal Action

The universal law of cause, effect and reactive effect

This Law of Cause-Effect-Counter effect means nothing else than that all our thoughts, words and deeds have consequences that affect others, and also retroactively act on us as the perpetrators, without exception, whether good or evil.

The easiest way to recognise the Law of Reciprocal Action is in the garden and in farming, for there, without exception, grows only what we sow. Since the Laws of Creation by all means are not active in this area only but are instead all-encompassing, they are henceforth applicable over everything, and also over ourselves!

For this reason, we should unequivocally have the courage to apply them to our deeds and words, certainly to our thoughts, attitudes and dispositions. For we must know: they basically came into existence before anything else, before our words and deeds. Without corresponding thoughts, with the exception of reflexes, we are incapable of doing anything, since thoughts are the expression of our will and must therefore precede any word, and deed. As for our character thoughts are fed by and issue from us, from our attitudes, our dispositions, our preferences but also our propensities and faults.

Again, if we are honest with ourselves, we can easily establish: that words can really hurt, may be, ruin a relationship or undermine someone’s reputation, or in some other way cause harm. Retroactively they could also act in healing, helping and benefiting people. Thoughts bring us into a corresponding mood, which constantly burden us when they are unfavourable, take away joy and make life unbearable for us and our fellow men. When they are favourable they bring joy and make us light and unburdened. It is completely up to us, whether we adopt an uplifting or destructive direction.

Therefore, we must absolutely pay attention to the trio: Thoughts – Words – and Deeds. We bear responsibility for all three for they bring us the corresponding consequences, same as our thoughts.

It is especially important that for everything we emit out, we keep an eye not only on the consequences, but also on the repercussions that come without exception in any form. These facts give us an excellent means of applying this Law for our ascent and happiness, by looking at it from the aspect of the reaping that may issue out of it.

It means that we can, in the mid or long term receive something we wished for, if we emitted out the same exact forms. If we want to reap carottes, then we must sow carottes. If we want to reap honesty, then we must be honest in every relationship we have. If we want to receive affection, then we must also give it, and so on and so forth… This means, that our life in the end can be moving towards an ascending direction, when we bestir ourselves to be uplifting in every respect, to help and avoid psychic harm to our fellow men.

It is an invaluable help to all of us, that from the nature of the consequences, therefore from our present life, we can draw valuable conclusions from the seeds sown in our past and build a beautiful future for ourselves with the sowing of better seeds. Let us really have the courage to acquiesce to the reality that our life with all its sunny and shady sides is the result of past decisions, which may throughout lie far in the distant past, and not in some way the result of an “evil” environment and malevolent men. If we are plagued with such circumstances, it will be as a result of the second, following Law of Creation. In fact, we have it every moment in our hands to start the beginning of a change for the better. Just as in nature we must exercise patience till the seed germinates, grows and bears fruits. So therefore, it requires some time and does not fall into our lap overnight.

And yet… we currently experience that a major part of mankind, even in the midst of our own culture, is in most part no longer able to react to this great yet simple law. The transfer of responsibility from the serious consequences of our actions to our inner selves seems in principle no longer possible to imagine. Not only in the finer realms of thoughts and social coexistence, but also in tangible visible areas.

Let’s consider two examples: the current man-made overheating of our planet, which is extremely downplayed and euphemistically called “Climate Change”, brought us in Germany in 2017 sporadic June temperatures of near 40°C; in some parts of the earth, such as Bagdad, even life-threatening temperatures of 54°C. In 2018 heat waves and droughts continued unabated in large parts of Europe. Alone the resulting sea-level rise and water scarcity threaten several hundreds of millions of people. Completely untouched however is the booming sale of many oversized cars, wasting precious resources in at least a ratio of 4:1.

Another question: If it turned out to be certain that the high-frequency, pulsed mobile radio radiation causes severe cell damage, especially in the brain - and there are serious studies that suggest it from the outset - will this cause the transmission towers to be next turned off? With utmost certainty no!

Examples could be brought forward in all areas of activities and in larger numbers. They reveal the blunt dramatic happening that the most acute and apparent repercussions are no longer taken note of. This casts into the background the normally strong regulating effect of this important law of reciprocal action, for it is no longer grasped by countless people, and they are no longer able to perceive their decline and their ultimate doom as such. To every spiritually striving man, this should serve as the most serious warning!

If humanity currently has to grapple with worries, suffering, poverty, disease, war, social and ecological devastation, this only comes through a corresponding individual and collective sowing, which in accordance with this great law, could bring forth no other fruits. The same law could just as well give us peace, prosperity, harmony, happiness and a healthy environment - if we, each and every one of us, sow the corresponding seeds into the world. -

In the Grail Message "In the Light of Truth", in the following quotation we will briefly find crucial clues as to how we can steer this law to our happiness:

“Men speak of deserved and undeserved fate, of reward and punishment, retribution and karma.

All these are only part-designations of a Law resting in Creation: The Law of Reciprocal Action!

A Law which lies in the entire Creation from its earliest beginning, which has been inseparably interwoven with the great, never-ceasing evolution as an essential part of creating itself, and of development. Like a gigantic system of the finest nerve-strands, it supports and animates the mighty Universe, and promotes continual movement, an eternal giving and taking!

Plainly and simply, and yet so aptly, Jesus Christ has already expressed it: “What a man sows that shall he reap!”

These few words render the picture of the activity and life in the entire Creation so excellently that it can hardly be expressed differently. The meaning of the words is inflexibly interwoven with life. Immovable, inviolable, incorruptible in its continual operation.

You can see it if you want to see! Begin by observing the surroundings now visible to you. What you call Laws of Nature are, of course, the Divine Laws, are the Creator’s Will. You will quickly recognise how unswerving they are in constant activity; for if you sow wheat you will not reap rye, and if you scatter rye it cannot bring you rice!

This is so obvious to every man that he simply never reflects on the actual process. Therefore he does not become at all conscious of the strict and great Law resting in it. And yet here he faces the answer to a riddle, which need be no riddle to him.


But the Law of Reciprocal Action also stipulates that whatever a man sows, thus where he causes an effect or consequence, he must also reap!”

(The Grail Message, Lecture: “Fate”)


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