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Enigma Coronavirus - a punishment from God?

Enigma Coronavirus
Is coronavirus a random mutation, a ‘punishment from God’ or something else?

A small virus with astonishing properties emerges and within a few weeks, changes the supposedly unstoppable upward trajectory of mankind into a crash landing with incalculable consequences. Almost all countries are thrown into severe turmoil with their economies badly battered. Many believers, both genuine and nominal, wonder whether the coronavirus could not be a punishment from God for the prevailing human attitude of treating this wonderful planet with unrestrained impunity, just as it suits us. However, this topic is a particularly hot potato for representatives of the churches, culminating in hasty reassurances that God never punishes because He is all-forgiving Love. But this is not correct in the manner it is presented, and we should therefore be careful not to dismiss this question too quickly and file it away! How then is the appearance of the coronavirus to be viewed?

At present, no issue is being dealt with across the globe as extensively as the Covid-19 pandemic, with information about it being distributed as widely as possible. A spiritual assessment of the frequently asked question of whether the pandemic is a ‘punishment from God’ is a sensitive one, given the danger to life and the great suffering arising from it, because it touches on the core question of the problem of evil: ‘Why does God allow suffering in the world?’ To associate human action with it in some way, quickly risks making oneself unpopular and therefore numerous church representatives, as already stated, will naturally want to assure us that the corona pandemic cannot be a punishment from God, since God is supposed to love us unconditionally. This is of course not true because, without the necessary severity and consistency, love would be damaging and therefore could no longer be called love. All the more so, because such an unconditional ‘love’ would imply the granting of a ‘carte blanche’ for every action, even the worst. Moreover, this statement can only be viewed as the dispensing of a sedative and offers no real solution.

However, since the question of God's punishment is something that is perceived by many people and demands an answer, it is clear that the issue should be taken seriously! An attempt will therefore be made here, because we urgently need to look for the spiritual background and take this devastating pandemic as an opportunity to re-evaluate our own lives, both as individuals and collectively, from the ground up.

But let us first start by examining the question whether the coronavirus is an example of a random and unfavourable mutation.

Coronavirus – a problematic mutation?

Certainly, the most likely short answer to that is ‘yes’. The virus has newly appeared and possesses the known, problematic properties that have the potential to snowball into a worldwide pandemic. Virologists, doctors and patients are confronted with the effects of the virus and understandably restrict themselves to fighting it; this gives them more than enough to do. On the other hand, the identification of the mutation has not yet yielded a cause, nor has it given an answer to many a question.

coronavirus - God's punishment - structure of virusThe graphic representation of an HIV-AIDS virus, which is readily available, shows at first glance that viruses are highly complex structures that must be able to attach themselves to host cells of living organisms in order to multiply because, in the same manner as a parasite, they use host organisms for their own propagation, something they are not capable of doing on their own. To do this, they must be literally programmed to the matching host cell. This is then again followed by highly complex biochemical reactions that take place between viruses and host cells, so that to a certain extent, one can speak without exaggeration of highly sophisticated and astoundingly accurate bidirectional reactions, which unfortunately have harmful effects, namely the corresponding illnesses. These are further intensified by the often incredible ability of the viruses to change, which repeatedly presents the immune system of the affected body with major challenges.

But, as with the topic of the ultimate origin of life, does this not raise many questions here for the spiritually seeking person which science with its materialistic focus as well as the vast majority of the populace do not consider at all? Let us take the emergence of life: Decades ago, the German macromolecular scientist Prof. Dr Bruno Vollmert demonstrated that the synthesis of simple building blocks of life from the ‘primordial soup’ is not possible and contradicts all the laws of probability, not to speak of the construction of more complex forms of life. But instead of intensively searching for other forces or even a highest force, this finding, like many others, was simply swept under the carpet and ignored.

A similar situation exists with respect to viruses and to avoid any misunderstandings, let it be said that my argumentation does not encompass viruses manipulated in the laboratory, which are then possibly released, but only about naturally-occurring viruses, which have existed long before the advent of laboratories!

  • What formative power brought about the coming-into-being of complex structures such as viruses?

  • What power brought about the complex programming of a virus to the right host cell?

  • How and in what number must identical viruses emerge before they reach the first host cell, because they cannot replicate themselves outside it?

  • How do these small structures in the nanometre range find matching host cells on a journey that is truly cosmic with respect to their size?

  • What power brings about the countless mutations with which viruses ever again cleverly outwit the immune system of the infected cells?

In any case, one thing is certain! This power far exceeds human ability and expertise. No human being would be able to create such a virus. But if a person with a spiritual orientation comes to the conclusion that these highly complex entities must have arisen from the Will of God, then the question immediately arises:

Why do structures or entities come into existence that can cause harm, illnesses or even death? Where would that leave God's Love?

Coronavirus – a punishment from God?

Not very often, but at least from time to time one hears the maxim: ‘People have forgotten God!’, and one can confidently regard this as correct. However, this fact now plays a far greater role in every happening and in the lives of everyone, atheists included, than the vast majority of people suspect, as we will see shortly. The coronavirus pandemic is no exception either. In this case the so-called ‘belief’ or ‘non-belief and the nature of our spirituality also plays such a large role that we should first look at ourselves and our attitude to faith and to God.

In my estimation, there are four categories of people:

  • the materialist

  • the open-minded sceptic
  • the nominal believer

  • the spiritualised person

Of course there are also smooth transitions and overlaps between the camps and in addition, there will be many people who will change camps as a result of ongoing harrowing or unsettling experiences.
The materialist:

From the outset, this type of person accepts only the physical, material world as existing and real. In his opinion, life emerged purely by chance through mutation and selection, and both consciousness as well as all thoughts, feelings and inner states such as joy, sadness, worry, sympathy, hatred, envy and love originate solely from corresponding brain waves and end with death. He rejects every concept of God as ‘unscientific’ or as a fairy tale and scoffs at it.

During the coronavirus crisis, he will usually develop an above-average level of fear because, in his view, he will be totally at the mercy of chance as to whether he will come into contact with an infected person and if infected, whether a functioning immune system will enable him to survive or whether the virus, in his opinion, irrevocably extinguishes his existence. Many will also quickly react aggressively if they are faced with shortages of disinfectants or face masks and prevented from engaging in selfish and inconsiderate panic-buying and hoarding, because they see these alone as offering an increased chance of reducing the risk of infection.

The materialist naturally places the greatest hope on the development of a vaccine to overcome the epidemic, and if this succeeds, he will continue to live in the same manner as before! He is not alone in this, however, because the other types, except for the last one, will, in most cases, respond mostly in the same way.

It is most likely that by far the largest number of people today belong to this group.

This attitude can be explained quite simply according to the Laws of Creation: These people have handed the full appraisal and evaluation of every happening over to their intellect. However, our intellect is, by its very nature, merely able to fully grasp solely what is tangible, thus coarsest and densest matter, since it itself originates from material substance and has homogeneity only with this plane. Naturally, everything higher than the material is actually beyond its finite horizon and comprehension.

It must be realised, however, that this domination of the intellect has far-reaching consequences; for the intellect is naturally unable to grasp higher values and concepts which go beyond the material order because it was not designed for that purpose. Its task is solely to absorb earthly impressions and information and then to utilise these sensibly. It can learn the entire system of social values, but it cannot perceive these values and therefore cannot and will not implement them unless the innermost core of man, our spirit, regains control over the intellect by impressing its will upon it. The intellect will then implement these values under the auspices and control of the spirit, but not otherwise. For this reason, according to many sociological studies, the veneer of civilisation in all societies is extremely thin and can hardly withstand any stresses in times of crisis when laws, rights and order cannot be enforced. Then selfish, egotistical drives come to the fore at an astonishingly rapid pace in countless people, and democracies are transformed at lightning speed into dictatorships and violent regimes, as it was in 1933 in Germany and as we can repeatedly see today in several regions of the world!

In short: If the intellect rules, all systems of values are on shaky ground and can tip over quickly. Just as easily, they tend to be rapidly and unscrupulously sacrificed to financial and economic interests, which, of course, stand much closer to the intellect than morality, ethics, and the like. Two concrete examples: Such a person, that is to say, one whose orientation is purely intellectual, will perceive no scruples about generating capital income based on food speculation and thereby subjecting countless people in the developing world to starvation. Another example is spiritually indefensible practice of supplying weapons in large quantities to areas of tension, simply to make money, where they cause widespread misery, suffering and death to countless people. A person with even a little feeling and empathy for others would not be able to do this.

It follows that this type of person cannot grasp either the spiritual or God in any way, because these concepts lie beyond his horizon, since he has allowed the ability to grasp anything beyond the material to wither completely over long periods of time.
The open-minded sceptic:

Fortunately, there are very many people who, under certain circumstances, would definitely be prepared to deal with the higher questions of life, the possibility of a hereafter and also the existence of God, but have not yet gained the necessary motivation and have not been offered any satisfactory explanations.

It is especially because of the boundless chaos in the world and the unresolved paradoxical question of a good and omnipotent of God nevertheless allowing evil to flourish, that they come to the understandable conclusion that no God with power and good qualities can therefore exist. However, this very question can also be easily explained and solved. It is just because of the intuitive sense of justice displayed by this still ‘unbelieving’ type of person that causes him to reject a caricature of God which defies all logic and consistency. In fact, this proves that he must, nonetheless, possess a pronounced sense of values!

In the coronavirus crisis, this type of person will usually be in a better position and less afraid than the average person, because he is less self-centred, supports meaningful regulations and assists others to be protected and to weather the crisis.

The open-minded sceptic can therefore easily find his way spiritually if the will to do so is present and sufficiently strong. In very many cases, however, the hand of fate will intervene by imparting sustained, stirring experiences as an additional spur to spiritual seeking. At any rate, relative to the others, this type of person therefore has the best chance of treading the path of spiritual knowledge and recognition!

The nominal believer:

This type of person will have difficulties in gaining spiritual recognitions and insights, since he has continued with the religious beliefs of his childhood without ever questioning or examining them objectively as to their logic and consistency. All of this really means that questions of faith, questions about God and the meaning of life have never been particularly important to him, since otherwise he would have, as a matter of course, discovered the countless inconsistencies and contradictions contained in these teachings if he had bothered to weigh them up. A truly seeking person would never come to terms with such inconsistencies, but would continue searching until he has found logical and satisfactory answers with regard to the justice and perfection of God.

The nominal believer, or believer merely out of habit, as a matter of course, concerns himself very little with God and His Will during his everyday working life, but instead, separates his everyday life from Sunday, which he sets aside to practise his ‘faith’. However, this entails that he will easily slide into difficult situations, both individually and collectively, in order then, when in dire straits, to cry out to God, Who should then conveniently, thus without any effort on his part, free him from his predicament.

The believer out of habit is very much like the first-mentioned, materialistically attuned type, and he will also react in quite a similar way in the coronavirus crisis and, like the materialist, will develop an above-average level of fear, because a merely habitual belief, being one in name only, does not give rise to resilient trust in God, and the person concerned is left to fend for himself.

The spiritualised human being:

Unfortunately, this type of person only exists in very small numbers, if at all. He has examined everything, scrutinised everything and honestly sought for the lawfulness and logic in Creation and therefore was also inevitably bound to find them, as stated in the Words of Christ: ‘Seek, and ye shall find!’ For him, the existence of an otherworldly, absolutely orderly world and also of a Creator Who guides and rules everything wisely is a self-evident fact. Due to the perfection of the universal Laws in Creation, he will seek the basic underlying cause in all events, including highly problematic ones, and thereby the path to a solution also opens up before him. He will always help wherever he meets people who are willing to accept these pathways.

He will, of course, be careful during the coronavirus crisis because it makes sense to do so, but he will not be afraid, because he has moved away from an egocentric position, inasmuch as he assumes that all events have a deeper meaning and therefore asks the question: ‘What does this pandemic have to tell us?’ He is fundamentally in tune with life and regards everything coming to him as an impulse, lesson and experience towards further development. Accordingly, he will welcome the development of a vaccine, but he also clearly sees the great harm which will be done if too few people draw the spiritual lessons from what is happening.

And now comes the point that will, to a great extent, cause mankind to experience massive difficulties: The Laws of Creation demand from us all that we all develop towards becoming this fourth type of human being, that is, the all-embracing thinker, the convinced believer! Because only this type of person keeps peace, furthers upbuilding and harmony and is capable of a psychic-spiritual ascent. However, by virtue of his free will, each person must decide for himself whether or not to embark on this course! Because it is logical: If God could force him to do so, his will would definitely not be free! More on that in a moment.

coronavirus - God's punishment - global spread

The global spread of the corona virus, mid-March 2020
Source: Wikipedia

The Law of Reciprocal Action and ‘punishment’

Other than for the purely materialistic person, who neither wants to nor can be convinced, the question very often arises: ‘Is this virus a punishment from God?’. This question can be correctly answered with both ‘No’ as well as ‘Yes and No’.

‘No’ is correct insofar as God does not punish as we understand the word! ‘Yes and no’ is also correct in the sense that while God does not punish in the way we understand the term, He has nevertheless placed the powerful Law of Reciprocal Action into Creation. Therefore, each individual, as well as all humanity as a whole, can do what they want by exercising their free will, but the homogeneous consequences will return without fail and in greater measure, in the reciprocal action to the starting point, that is to say, the originators and will have an impact on these – without exception! It is the great and very simple Law of Sowing and Reaping; simple, because sowing what is good brings back good and sowing what is evil brings a like return! And great because this Law operates both in the visible and tangible as well as the invisible and intangible domain, finely honed and tuned to deliver exactly what was sown in both worlds: wheat brings wheat, thistles bring thistles, hatred reaps hatred, love brings love and so on.

This important, automatic Law is an indispensable corrective factor for us humans, because without experiencing the consequences of our actions, we would be unable to develop a capacity for self-assessment and thus be unable to achieve further development. The Law of Reciprocal Action therefore gives us valuable feedback on whether our attitudes, our thinking, words and actions are heading in a positive, constructive direction or not.

It is in this context that the reference to the ‘punishment of God’ should be understood. Because the reciprocal actions of a bad deed are, of course, directed at the perpetrator, who has to accept them, these very unpleasant or painful consequences therefore take on a punitive character. In reality, however, it is really a case of being the reciprocal action to one’s own actions, not a punitive exercise, which makes a big difference.

If we adapt to the activity of this Law – and we really have no other choice, since with even a little observation, we can actually see and experience its effects everywhere – then we have also moved a decisive step further with regard to the coronavirus question! This is because this Law affects both the small and the large, over periods of time both short and long! Therefore we must always bear in mind that it acts on every single thought, every word and every action!

coronavirus - God's punishment - law of reciprocal actionThe collective sowing of all humanity:

Once we have done that, all we need to do is to grab a history book and review its contents honestly and unsparingly: What have we humans really sown since the beginning of recorded history? We do not need to go into details here at all, but can cover everything using a few key words and phrases: wars, oppression, enslavement, genocide, unscrupulous plunder of natural resources, senseless destruction of nature and degradation of the entire planet. Whoever now asks himself: ‘What have the events of past millennia got to do with me?’ will now be offered an explanation.

Of course there were also times of peace and upbuilding! But if we take stock today, we are, nevertheless, living on a planet that is heating up more and more, being plundered, polluted and maltreated, and the social framework for coexistence, or rather, a lack of it, really has not improved compared to earlier times. The countless grievous violations, such as aggression, greed, slander and defamation, hatred, envy, violence against others, wars, torture, murder, mass murder, the starvation of large sections of entire peoples through economic manipulations and suppression of ethnic and religious minorities have been and continue to be carried out to this day, right up to the point of total digital surveillance, which in China in particular, leads to the complete loss of all freedom of thought and human dignity.

Especially in the last few years, another collective phenomenon has been added: an extreme depletion of moral and ethical values and the social acceptance of lying. And so, in many countries, abysmally corrupt and morally bankrupt liars, rabble-rousers, blowhards, mass murderers and oppressors actually occupy the highest position in the land, that is, Head of State! Thus in a position which should only be reserved for one of the noblest, esteemed and wisest persons of the entire nation in every respect. And these first-mentioned persons are democratically elected by the majority of the population, who either do not care at all or who, despite thousands of years of development, are still unable to recognise the most obvious lies as such! On the contrary: the ‘rabble-rousers’ celebrate triumphs and can gather armies of millions behind them with their iridescent false promises.

What kind of harvest can we therefore realistically expect with such a sowing!

Clearly, if all this gruesome human activity is already an abomination to every person striving for harmony, then how much more so to the Ruler of all the Worlds!

Of course, not all people on earth possess only the bad qualities that have been cited, but the majority have shown that they do, while the more sensible people have tolerated these devastating developments for far too long without doing anything to counter them – otherwise they would never have been able to develop to their present strength!

Let us look at another striking parallel: Every virus uses the protection and resources of its host cell in order to rapidly multiply, thereby causing serious illnesses, right up to the collapse and death of its host, which will also cause the virus to die! And how is it with humanity's collective dealings with our planet earth? Are we not acting in exactly the same way by plundering the earth and using its gifts to devastate it, which will then also destroy the basis for our own existence? Can we find it unjust if the universal Law of Sowing and Reaping now brings us, as a reciprocal action, the exact equivalent of our own collective sowing?

It follows that those who can agree with these questions can also conclude why such harmful structures as viruses absolutely can, by all means, emerge in accordance with the Will of God. This is because they are the form taken on by the reciprocal action of our deeds, the harmfulness of which we are obviously far from fully comprehending. Through the explanations contained in the Grail Message, which surpasses the knowledge of humanity today, brief and concise answers to the questions raised at the outset about how life came into being billions of years ago and the forces that form and control viruses and their actions can now be given:

The whole of living nature is formed and cared for by innumerable nature-beings of various sizes and ranking, working completely in accordance with the Universal Laws. These fine-material nature-beings were known to human beings of bygone eras to a far greater extent than is the case today and it is not surprising that they also eventually found their way into folklore and traditional tales. Importantly, they also shape our fate according to the decisions we made and continue to make, thus they can be considered as agents working to fulfil the effects of the Laws of Creation. They never act arbitrarily!

Only such beings are therefore capable of forming structures as complex as viruses and equipping them with their intended properties. This also suggests that it would be easy for them to produce viruses with even more aggressive properties than the coronavirus; and if there is no change in our widespread harmful behaviour, we may have to expect this to happen. It does not matter if we humans regard our behaviour as ‘completely normal’ – what matters is how our activities are seen and evaluated from above, thus from a higher standpoint.

This is a knowledge that today's materialist will reject out of hand with a gesture feigning superiority and a wry smile, but without being able to provide even a shred of another, truly substantiated and coherent explanation.

In any case, nature is striking back at the moment both visibly and tangibly after being increasingly devastated by us! And it shows us how incredibly quickly and easily the creature ‘man’, who regards himself as a powerful, unassailable ruler can be stopped in his tracks. Those who do not want to see the spiritual dimension of this happening have no idea how much knowledge, vital to their survival, they are closing themselves to – solely to their detriment.

What about individual fates?

This touches on the most delicate point, which is also perceived as unfair by many fair-minded people: the virus not only strikes the evil-doers, but also nice and visibly good people, sometimes even in greater numbers than the former. This, of course, immediately creates a dilemma for articles such as this: If one, as a human being, accepts that there is a reason for this, which, of course, there must be in a perfect world order, this is very quickly considered as a cynical, arrogant and emotionally cold stance towards the suffering and death of countless fellow human beings. For almost all church representatives and believers, this question cannot be solved, so they push it in the direction of the ‘unfathomable ways of God’. It is again the question of God's goodness and omnipotence in view of the existence of evil, which has already been raised, that leaves even high-ranking church representatives at a loss, since they really cannot answer it based on their teaching. For the first ‘believer type’ mentioned earlier, the materialist, the problem of the presence of evil is the strongest argument for the alleged proof of God's non-existence.

Nevertheless, I want to try to answer the question from my point of view, in spite of the danger mentioned above, of being seen as arrogant and cynical – because it hangs in the air and demands a solution. To this end, we have to combine two points:

1. What is the meaning of life and what is our task here on earth?

2. What is death, what does it mean?

I mentioned the first question briefly when I introduced the four types of human beings that in my opinion are basic, under the headline of the ‘spiritualised human being’. It is best to repeat here what I wrote there: ‘And now comes the point that will, to a great extent, cause mankind to experience massive difficulties: The Laws of Creation demand from us that we develop towards this fourth type of human being, that is, the all-embracing thinker, the convinced believer! Because only this type of person maintains peace, furthers upbuilding and harmony and is capable of a psychic-spiritual ascent. However, by virtue of his free will, each person must decide for himself whether or not to embark on this course! Because it is logical: If he could be forced to do so by God, his will would definitely not be free!’

If this statement is correct, then it means nothing other than that every human being, without exception, faces the most exacting challenge of his life, namely the striving for knowledge of Creation and the recognition of God. I am convinced that every person who believes that he already has a ticket to heaven has not yet recognised the deep seriousness of the situation and is therefore in danger of being counted amongst the ‘Pharisees’ and the haughty, who, according to the wise saying: ‘pride comes before the fall’, are threatened with spiritual oblivion. Also, any person who thinks he does not need a ticket to heaven, or better said, that he does not need to work towards earning one, fails to understand why he lives on earth in the first place. Earning money, having a family and much more are in reality not the goal, but only earthly concomitant features on the path of spiritual development.

However, a great spiritual inertia, resulting from spiritual indolence or laziness, overshadows the whole of humanity and makes the majority of us incline towards the wrong priorities. Our intellect has soared to become the ruler in the place of the spirit and considers only the priorities that fall within its embrace to be important: thus money, earthly power, prosperity and earthly superiority and therefore implements only these.

And thus every person is faced with the individual task of an unembellished self-examination to determine whether his spiritual striving, the search for Truth and for God really is the top priority for him, according to the First of the Ten Commandments, or whether this is much further down his list of priorities. All in all, there will be very, very few people who actually conduct this self-examination. If it were any different, we would have completely different conditions here on earth!

The second question: What is death, what does it mean? Seen spiritually, there are two deaths. The first is known to everyone, even though most people do not understand it correctly, the second is hardly known to anyone.

The 'normal' death known to us:

The death known to us is the casting off of our physical body and forms the counter-pole to birth. Sooner or later it comes to everyone and means the transition or ‘stepping over’ to the adjacent finer material world. The term ‘stepping over’ implies an uninterrupted continuity of life for our consciousness in the domain, marking the beginning of an important new segment of our entire existence. Incidentally, the independence of our consciousness from our body has now also been verified by thanatology, that is to say, death research.

Earthly death, of course, represents a clear break in life as it previously was, both for those who pass over as well as for their loved ones, because of the separation caused thereby. Through the death of someone close to them, those who remain behind are emotionally torn out of their daily routine and confronted exceptionally strongly with issues that concern spiritual life.

The earthly death of a loved one is experienced all the more painfully by those who have had a strong emotional connection with the one who has passed away, but whose conviction, on the other hand, of survival after death is not particularly strong. The stronger this conviction becomes, the easier it will be for them to deal with death.

Conversely, a new, intense time also begins for the one who has passed over; a new segment of life which becomes all the more strenuous the less one is familiar with the world beyond, and all the more beautiful, the more that world and its lawful effects have become familiar already during one’s life on earth.

Thus in spiritual terms, the ‘normal’ death known to us, in spite of the emotional shocks that it entails, is a completely natural process and the exchange of the realm of life on this side with the otherworldly realm. At every birth, exactly the opposite happens.

The second, the death of the spirit:

It is different with the ‘second death’, which is already mentioned in the Bible (Revelation of John) and is spiritually the greatest catastrophe that can befall us.

The irrefutable, unchangeable Laws of Creation do not ask for our views and opinions – they work inexorably, in accordance with given facts! According to these Laws, everyone is obliged, without exception, to continue to develop and thereby to attain a clear ability to judge in accordance with the Truth and to act accordingly. If he does not do this, he must suffer bitterly from the consequences of this failure.

If the experiencing of these effects does not bring him to his senses so that he gives up his damaging behaviour, the Law of Reciprocal Action must then trigger the most severe, final consequence: Such a person must count on his spirit being relegated to an unconscious primordial state, thus to the state it was in before it commenced its cycle of development. This is a long process that is accompanied by unimaginable torments, which never let up, but even intensify,  – leading to the total dissolution and destruction of the personal consciousness that was acquired up to that point, but which had developed in the wrong direction  and remained so despite numerous warnings and interventions. This necessity of Creation, thus the ejection of all that, in the long run, proves to be useless and harmful, completes a cycle and also builds a bridge to the Bible, which describes the extinction of consciousness of such a person as a ‘rejected stone’ or ‘the second death’. This becomes necessary when this person has proved by his actions that, despite thousands of years of admonitions and help from the Light, he is useless for an upbuilding, harmonious, peaceful and thus God-willed life in Creation.

We are all at risk of this, because almost all humankind has so far refused to comply with the necessary requirement for ongoing, continual spiritual growth and development. Let us see to it that we come to our senses as quickly as possible and find our way back to a life in harmony with the natural order! This includes, first and foremost, a pronounced awareness of the true values of life and acting in every respect in support of these.

The Grail Message – In the Light of Truth, briefly mentioned previously, emphatically portrays God's Love as being directed at the human spirit, and so literally ‘all good spirits’ in the hereafter are striving to save us from this worst of all events! However, since we definitely have a free will, we can never be forced to take the path leading upwards. We can only be shaken up by the consequences of our actions, in the hope that we will then change our lives, depart from the overly materialistic path and devote ourselves more to our spiritual development. Today, this stirring or jolting is progressively taking on the harshest forms, since we have so far proven to be totally impervious to all guidance.

Already thousands of years ago, humanity was shown, as a matter of urgency, in the ‘Revelation of John’, probably the best known apocalyptic script, the truly harrowing depiction of the horror scenario to be expected. But in reality, this exceedingly important revelation has generated the least interest of all, still less  brought about real reflection and a change to our wrong living habits. However, it must be clear by now, that even a loving, kind, but nevertheless also perfectly just God can no longer tolerate such a long-lasting abuse of our free will! Otherwise, the disturbances in Creation caused by this would never come to an end!

Can we assume that this apocalyptic time has now actually begun? I say yes, because the man-made overheating of the earth and the devastating possibilities of the current coronavirus pandemic alone have dimensions of suffering and destruction unprecedented in human history. Today we find ourselves on the verge of the final effects, which have yet to strike us in all their harshness. According to statements from the Grail Message, they are the last and harshest calls of spiritual warning meant to wake us up from our spiritual slumber!

I hope to have provided a coherent and well-rounded picture for the seriously searching readers. With regard to the ‘punishment from God’, I would like to conclude this article with a quote from the book Questions and Answers by the author of the Grail Message, which contains answers to questions put to him by readers of his lectures. In this book, he also answers the question:
‘Why does God sometimes punish so severely?’


‘God does not punish at all! Nor does He threaten and tempt. All these are false human opinions. Also the Ten Commandments, which were given through Moses, are only a guide to show how man can attain to a life of bliss. Only man inflicts punishment in his social system. Like everything thought out by him, but unfortunately in the wrong way, imperfect, and still more imperfect in its application. The word punishment has really only been invented by man himself, in his limited comprehension.

‘Let us take an example of rather a mundane nature, so that it is easier to understand: A business man has gone into partnership with another. One of his friends is more farsighted than he, and has a better knowledge of human nature. Consulted by the business man because of various business difficulties, this friend warns him, and advises him to dissolve the business partnership as quickly as possible, as the partner harbours evil intentions, and wants to pursue his own advantage relentlessly to the disadvantage of the business man. The friend told the business man concisely and clearly that he would suffer great losses unless he followed his advice. The business man, however, did not follow this advice, as he could not yet detect any indications of the truth of his friend’s misgivings.grail message

‘Not until some years later were the warnings of this friend fulfilled. The business man suffered great losses through his partner, who had been able very artfully to carry out a plan carefully contrived beforehand, to the detriment of the other. The business man now called it a punishment for disregarding the warnings of his friend, and sought to interpret this punishment as a penalty for it.

‘Such is the attitude of men towards the Light. Thence many warnings are sent to them in time, through observing which they can save themselves from many an evil. Now, however, they imagine that it is a punishment of God when they are struck by the self-incurred evil, which had to take effect through their refusal to listen or their disobedience. They even imagine themselves marvellously great when they bear this “punishment” with patience, and expect a special reward for it from God, be it only in the perceiving of inner upliftment through their good behaviour.

‘All this is self-deception and falsehood; for God does not punish them thereby, but they in their obstinacy have created the evil for themselves. It can be observed from the Light when a man, or all mankind, take a wrong path, which must inevitably lead to a very definite end. This end, which man sometimes cannot see, or better still does not want to see, is clearly recognised from the Light. Man or mankind are warned. When no attention is paid to this, and men stubbornly continue on their way, it is natural that at a certain time they must come to this end. This end, however, is not brought about as a punishment by the Light, but it was already prepared through men’s choice of the way, and the Light had only tried to hold men back from it, to lead them on to another course, where the evil end was avoided and a joyful end awaited them instead.

‘Thus God does not punish, but man, if he will not allow himself to be warned, brings about everything himself. Therefore it is great sacrilege to say: “God, how severely dost Thou punish!” And it is also wrong to complain: “How can God allow such things!”’
(Abd-ru-shin: Questions and Answers, question 59, Stiftung Gralsbotschaft, Stuttgart)
Translatet by Jide Adefope, PEARL Magazine, Issue 29, August 2020

Source of virus graphic: Thomas Splettstoesser (www.scistyle.com) CC BY-SA 4.0,

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