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3. Law of spiritual Gravity

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3. The Law of Gravity

Why also our soul life is determined by this law

We feel the psychic effect of this law quite clearly: On the one hand we feel oppression, then a melancholy to the point of depression, and with such a psychic state of mind there is a lack of drive, because the oppression also makes joyful movement difficult for us. These are all states of mind that affect the soul through the indulgence of similar thoughts and attitudes!

For example, we have certainly already often experienced how heavy this makes the soul when we vent our spleen off in anger and send aggressive thoughts towards other people, how heavy the whole thing affects us, how much it deprives us of the joy of life!

On the opposite scale, there is lightness, joy and actual momentum and drive for action. We usually feel it most strongly when we have just freed ourselves from something oppressive, when we have successfully put behind us an incriminating project, when we have cleared up the oppression or the damage we have inflicted on a fellow human being and obtained his forgiveness. Then the proverb "A stone fell away from my heart" comes into play.

We also feel much better when we realise that we are not on earth to change others and to seek and criticize their faults, but to worry about ours and work through them.

In the language, too, the law of gravity is particularly evident in the word "light-weight" which has a close affinity to the word "light." In English, both words are even identical: "light - light".

This feeling of lightness or heaviness can be a very good compass for the path we take or the choices we make; for the law of gravity of all laws of nature most directly informs us when we act rightly or wrongly, because we immediately feel oppressed or relieved!

On the basis of this law, two widely used terms have a completely different and contradictory meaning: "to complain" and "to experience disappointment". While the first is rather active and demonstrates power, we in fact are burdening ourselves with guilt, the second term seems unfavourable, but in reality the liberation from a deception is a very valuable process.

The law of gravity also has a lot to do with a weight weighing us down. It is worth asking whether we really need everything that costs so much effort, hassle and work, or whether we better throw off one or the other baggage in order to relieve ourselves mentally.

The Grail Message addresses the first three laws of creation in the following statements:

"Man should get rid of the habit of regarding things that are invisible to him as also incomprehensible and unnatural. Everything is natural, even the so-called beyond, and Paradise, which is still an immense distance from it.

Now just as here our physical body is sensitive to its surroundings of a homogeneous nature, which it can therefore see, hear and feel, so is it exactly the same in those parts of Creation whose consistency is not like ours. The ethereal man in the so-called beyond feels, hears and sees only his homogeneous ethereal environment; the higher spiritual man again can only feel his spiritual environment.

Thus it happens that many an earth-dweller now and then already sees and hears also the Ethereal World with his ethereal body, which he bears within, before the separation from the gross material earthly body takes place through physical death. There is absolutely nothing unnatural in this.

Side by side and co-operating with the Law of Gravitation is also the no less valuable Law of Homogeneous Species.

I have already touched upon this in saying that one species can only recognise the same species. The proverbs: “Birds of a feather flock together”, and “like father, like son” seem to have been sensed from the Primordial Law. Together with the Law of Gravitation it swings throughout Creation.

In addition to those already mentioned there is a third Primordial Law in Creation: The Law of Reciprocal Action. The effect of this Law is that man must reap what he has once sown, unconditionally. He cannot reap wheat where he sowed rye, nor clover where he sowed thistles. In the Ethereal World it is exactly the same. In the end he will not be able to reap kindness where he felt hatred, nor joy where he nourished envy!

These three fundamental Laws form the corner-stones of the Divine Will! They alone automatically work out reward or punishment for a human spirit, with inexorable justice! So incorruptibly, in the most wonderful delicate gradations, that the thought of a slightest injustice in the gigantic world happening becomes impossible.

The effect of these simple Laws brings every human spirit exactly to the place where, according to his inner attitude, he does belong. Any error here is impossible, because the manifestation of these Laws can only be set in motion by the inmost condition of a human being, which will, however, set it in motion without fail in every case! Thus to bring this about the spiritual power of the intuitive perceptions which is in man is needed as the lever! Nothing else has any effect. For this reason only the real volition, man’s intuitive perception, is decisive for what develops for him in the world that is invisible to him, and which he must enter after his earthly death.

There neither pretence nor self-deception will help him. He must then unconditionally reap what he has sown through his volition! What is more, exactly according to the strength or weakness of his volition, it sets in motion to a greater or lesser degree the homogeneous currents of the other worlds, no matter whether they are hatred, envy or love. An absolutely natural process, of the greatest simplicity, and yet with the inexorable effect of adamantine justice!

He who tries to go seriously and deeply into these happenings in the beyond will recognise what incorruptible justice lies in this automatic working, and will see in this alone the inconceivable Greatness of God. He does not need to interfere, after having given His Will as Laws, thus perfect, into Creation.

He who in the course of his ascent again enters the Spiritual Realm is purified; for he had first to pass through the self-acting mills of the Divine Will. No other road leads to the proximity of God. And how these mills work on the human spirit depends on its former inner life, its own volition. They can carry it blissfully into the Luminous Height; or on the other hand they can also pull it agonisingly down into the night of horror, indeed even drag it to complete destruction. –.”


"In every happening and in all my explanations we always again and again meet clearly and distinctly the effect of these simple Laws, whose wonderful interaction I must yet describe especially.

Once man knows this interaction he thus also has the step-ladder to the Luminous Realm of the Spirit, to Paradise. But he then also sees the road that leads down to the Darkness!

He need not even tread these steps himself, but the automatic mechanism raises him on high or drags him down, entirely according to how he adjusts the mechanism for himself through his inner life.

Which way he wishes to let himself be borne along is always left to his decision."


(The Grail Message: “Errors”)

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