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Spiritual Values

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Spiritual Values

Core values and spiritual prinicples for a better life


This website is aimed at those who are inwardly searching for spiritual values and the meaning of life, but did not find a satisfactory basis for their life in the different denominations, in esotericism and in atheism.
Weren’t you taught from childhood onwards, that the fundamental questions of our existence and everything of spiritual import are not logically answerable and that therefore one simply has to “believe in it”, no matter how illogical the religious interpretations are? Or weren’t you also once assailed by a certain skepticism over the thought that man only has to meditate intensely enough on a “wish to the cosmos”, in order to soon be so richly rewarded with gifts from fate? Or could you not yet justifiably get used to the idea that after all, everything is a game of chance, to which we must somehow adapt according to our strengths?

Does not almost every man have a basic longing to finally get clear information over the meaning of life and its laws, to which we are subjected to every second of our existence? Would we not like to find holistic spiritual values and get answers to the following basic questions?

  • Where do I come from? Where I am heading to? What is the meaning of my life?

  • Is destiny blind - or wise and just?

  • Is there actually a life or no life after death?

  • Is sense and justice an illusion - or a fact we only need the key to?

  • Do we really live only once on earth - or several times?

  • Are thoughts “free” or are they forms with highly effective energy?

  • Does God exist? Or is anything due to hazard and our genes?

  • Is the immense, ever increasing world suffering a proof against the existence of a loving God?

  • Why are things good for some people and why do others have it so hard?

  • What is real freedom, and how can we achieve it? … and much more.
The answers can be found here! Spiritual-values.com invites all men who are seeking spiritually to know these holistic connections. The articles presented here provide solutions to the fundamental questions and point to further literatures. These are important correlations which allow us to understand the perilous developments and counteract them in a holistic way, with the greatest possible gain for ourselves and our fellow human beings!

I wish you much joy on your visit to this site!

Paul Schmitt

Translated from the original German site 'spirituelle-werte.de', partly with the premium app deepl.com. For all inaccuracies and stylistic weaknesses we ask for your sympathy.

This website is in upbuild - these topics are available.

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